Swarm is where all things digital come together to create something bigger. Swarm will take you from a concept to a creative, innovative and beautiful solution using the highest level of technology and data available on the market. With media and technology constantly evolving, Swarm believes in staying ahead of the ever changing digital media environment by coming up with continuous innovative solutions. Customisation is key to the work we do at Swarm allowing us to tailor make each solution according to each individual client’s needs.

What we do



Our team of experienced developers specialises in delivering custom web, mobile and software solutions across multiple industries with a strong focus on the financial, automotive, logistic and retail sectors.

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is becoming one of the largest ways to produce revenue. Digital Marketing tools have many benefits and when used correctly, can generate numerous leads which help your business both profit and prosper.

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Creative and Design

Our award-winning campaign creative and design are rooted in strategy, anchored by technological expertise, and designed, written, and executed by creative connoisseurs. We take pride in our ability to deliver innovative digital campaigns.

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At Swarm Digital we thrive on helping you with your strategy and planning. If your game plan is to find new clients or customers for your business we can help. Often our clients confuse Marketing Strategy with Marketing Plans, these are vastly different.

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Our Clients