Reach your customers with targeted and personalised messaging.

In today's digitally-driven world it is essential that businesses utilise digital marketing solutions to build relationships with existing and potentially new customers through targeted and personalised messaging.

Marketing Communication Platforms

Digital marketing platforms enables your business to track customer behaviour and engagement with your brand.  These platforms provide you with valuable insights into how you, as a business , can improve your service offering to your clients.

At Swarm Digital we have two of these platforms that our clients use and love. 

SharpSring Marketing Automation

Powerful set of sales & marketing automation tools

Each feature in SharpSpring works together to drive conversions throughout the customer lifecycle. With SharpSpring’s full-funnel, all-in-one revenue growth platform, you’ll get complete sales and marketing automation features, plus our world-class CRM. 

Silver Certified Agency Partner

SMS Messaging

Full featured bulk SMS platform

ContactNow is Swarm's bulk SMS platform that allows our clients to send SMS campaigns from an easy-to-use online portal or take a more programmatic approach to sending via a simple API

SMS, Short Codes, URL Shortening, Landing Pages

How to achieve successful marketing communications

Ensure your message is clear

A clear and relatable message to your customers is important to encourage engagement with your brand.

Identify your target audience

Know your customers and identify who should receive your messages.

Timing is key

By analysing customer engagement you will be able to determine when your customers engage with your brand and respond to your communications.


Tone, language , visuals and the overall message to customers needs to be consistent across all digital channels. This helps to create a unified brand experience which in turn will drive brand recognition and loyalty.

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