Website and Application Maintenance

Your website, digital strategy or app may have been built, but it will require continuous monitoring and updates. With a website maintenance retainer, you unlock a number of key benefits to your business: - A team of experts who know your business and goals inside and out - Priority support and response times - Context, i.e. we already know what has been done or tried before - A more strategic, consultative relationship - Results-driven and not just task-driven The long-term nature of a SLA relationship means that as time goes on, Swarm Digital will gain a deeper understanding of what your goals and needs are. We can then offer helpful suggestions that will develop better results for your business which will lead to more informed, data-driven recommendations. Additionally, you can budget more accurately when you know exactly how much you’ll be paying each month. As a digital agency that offers maintenance services and works on multiple retainers, we ensure to include the right maintenance activities in your retainer to make sure that you’re always getting the best value for your money.

What Is Included in an Support and Maintenance Retainer?

Your website, application or mobile app should only be one part of your company’s larger digital ecosystem. As a digital agency, that is made up of many individuals with a range digital skills and experience, having the Swarm team on retainer means you can accomplish a lot more within the scope of the SLA.

Below is a list of some of the most in demand services we specialise on with a Support and Maintenance Retainer:

Routine Website, Application and Server Maintenance

Maintenance of your website and hosting environment to keep both items up to date to ensure maximum redundancy. Depending on the type of website or application that we, or another developer built for your business these tasks can vary. If you’re running a WordPress site or using any other open source CMS, there are frequent plugin sor module updates that need to be run. Especially due to security risks identified in these extensions and frameworks. These routine tasks can take up a lot of your time to monitor and fix. Swarm Digital has specialist tools and processes notifying us of these updates and security risks, allowing us to ensure your website stays online.

Digital Marketing Assistance

Digital Marketing is a key part of your online strategy. Whether it’s updating your site copy, managing your social media profiles, or implementing results driven campaigns to help increase traffic to your site and increase sales, our team can assist.

Analytics, Reporting, and Analysis

There are a lot analytics tools out there, and a lot of data to be tracked. Sure, it’s easy enough to glance at top-level stats and see how many people are visiting your site each month, but how long are they staying? What pages are they visiting the most? The least? Where are the dead ends where they drop off from your site, and do they ever come back? This is another strategic advantage of having an agency on retainer long-term. Not only can they gather data and present it to you in a human-readable report each month, but they can also sit down with you and help you interpret it. Then, based off of the findings, they can set a plan in motion to make changes or optimizations to your site.

Continuous Improvements

As you get more visitors to your website or to your app through your marketing activities, we gather more insights about customer behaviour through analytics and suggest continuous improvements to your digital assets.


When you have Swarm Digital on retainer we have specific agreements and processes in place on how we resolve any emergency items.