Swarm secures contract to develop and support ground-breaking construction app for UK start-up

Technology28 Aug 2019swarm
Paperless Construction
Paperless Construcion

Swarm Digital, a Cape Town-based technology provider specialising in niche web and mobile applications development, recently announced they successfully launched the Paperless Construction app. Swarm landed the contract to develop the new app for Paperless Construction, an innovative UK construction start-up.

This ground-breaking IOS and Android mobile app represents an important development in UK construction management and Paperless Construction aims to lead the way to a paperless environment.

Swarm Digital is Paperless Construction’s South African partner and also developed the technology behind digital solutions for leading brands in the financial, automotive, utilities and property industries.

Swarm Digital see this latest win as an opportunity to gain a foothold in the lucrative UK technology market.

They have a 10-year track record of niche software development using the latest cutting-edge technology stacks to build applications. Swarm has also been the lead development partner in multiple other Agency commissioned projects.

In addition to their formidable technical expertise, Swarm Digital are consultants who advise clients on utilising digital and data to implement strategic, high-impact, data-driven development projects in an integrated and sustainable manner.

Swarm’s unique combination of technical know-how, implementation methodology and their consultative proficiency proved to be the perfect combination. Paperless Construction were in no doubt as to who was best positioned to take on their project.

Technologies employed in the app’s construction include the open source frameworks React, Redux, Node.js and MySQL as a serverless stack, supported by AWS’ AuroraDB, Cognito, S3, API Gateway and Lambda.

This first of a kind, cloud-based app can be accessed from any device, anywhere and at any time and is the first of its kind to address critical legislative, environmental and HSE (Health and Safety Executive) requirements in the UK construction industry.

The Paperless Construction app has a host of important features which include:

  • Acts as a paperless repository for company documentation such as safe systems of work, briefing documents, corporate literature, training records and drawings.
  • Makes it easy to share documentation with project teams out in the field via tablets and smartphones.
  • Instant access to and management of projects with the ability to broadcast messages companywide or to a specific project team.
  • Recording of induction and HSE briefings – digital and in real time.
  • Site worker management – timekeeping, fatigue management.
  • Emergency evacuation and roll call management.
  • Record user competencies with real time view of current competencies or skill gaps.
  • Ensures data is always secure and GDPR compliant.

Tiaan Kotze, Swarm’s Managing Director, was upbeat about his company’s latest success and commented:

“This was an important strategic win for Swarm Digital as we continue to expand our horizons overseas.

We’re proud to be flying the flag in the UK and proving to the world that we have developed leading technology and implementation skills right here in South Africa.

We look forward to exceeding our client’s expectations and leveraging our foothold in the UK to focus attention on everything Swarm Digital can offer to a virtually limitless overseas market.”

More information about Paperless Construction can be found on Paperless Construction’s website: https://paperlessconstruction.co.uk/