Marketing Strategy & Planning

At Swarm Digital we thrive on helping you with your marketing strategy and planning. If your game plan is to find new clients or customers for your business we can help. Often our clients confuse Marketing Strategy with Marketing Plans, these are vastly different.

A Marketing Plan is often the result of a well thought out Marketing Strategy and fits into your overall business plan, it provides a list of all the actions which acts as your blueprint for the future marketing efforts of your business.

The Marketing Strategy on the other hand is the long-term approach to planning your marketing with the fundamental goal of gaining a sustainable competitive advantage in the market. We see the Marketing Strategy as aiming to highlight the role of marketing as the link between a company and its customers and or clients.

At Swarm Digital our approach is simple, in our planning phase we concentrate on three simple questions: Where are you now? Where are you going? and How are you going to get there?

Once these questions are answered through the research and analysis we then assist you with putting together your long-term Marketing Plan and the execution thereof.

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