SMS Messaging

Connect, transact and engage with your customers.

The ContactNow Bulk SMS platform allows you to communicate with multiple contacts at the same time using our safe, easy to use, streamlined, high capacity and cost effective online bulk SMS platform. Typically one SMS credit is required to deliver a SMS message to a single recipient

Key Features


Bulk SMS

Reach millions of customers with personalised engagement

Get the right message across with SMS. Connect with customers on a personal level - any time, anywhere in the world, exactly when they need it. Interact, transact and drive deeper engagement from one convenient platform.

URL Shortener

Transform your URLs into engagement catalysts.

URL shortening is a smart thing to do. We’ve just made it smarter. Besides keeping your SMSes short and punchy, our short links turn your messages into engagement catalysts - thanks to personalised tracking analytics. Know exactly who clicked and when they clicked - in real-time. Segment your customer base and remarket. Real-time business strategies, at no extra cost.

Short codes and keywords

The short and simple way to get your customers talking to you.

Make it easy for customers to contact your business directly using a dedicated number. Use a memorable number that creates trust and affinity with your customers allowing them to opt-in to immediate, one-to-one communication.

Landing Pages

Supercharge your ROI with Landing Pages.

Turn your SMSes into a media-rich brand experience in a matter of minutes. Attach customised mobile webpages to your messages with beautiful design templates and simple drag-and-drop functionality. Send at scale and receive the same real-time tracking analytics you’ve come to know and love.

Bulk SMS Costs

Bulk SMS is a cost-effective way to reach wide audiences. Each SMS credit represents one SMS of up to 160 characters. Prices exclude VAT.

500 - 1000
1001 - 5000
5001 - 10 000
10 001 - 50 000
50 001 - 100 000
100 000 - 200 000
200 000+

For pricing on Short Codes & Keywords please Contact Us

What makes our API so great?

It’s powerful and incredibly simple to use. Whether you opt for a programmatic approach or log in through our website, the result is always the same: a reliable and robust platform that engages, connects and provides your customers with vital information – all from within your very own system.

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