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We are true to our values and what we stand for. Having hundreds of videos of smiling employees enjoying free lunches and lounging on bean bags in colourfully painted offices, is not what we are about. If that is what you are looking for then Google may be a better fit for you. Having said that, we do have fun from time to time, because as the saying goes “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!”

Instead, please judge us by the quality and professionalism of what we produce for our clients through the projects we deliver and continue to deliver on a regular basis.

We are all individuals who have been granted an opportunity and who want tackle complex challenges, work hard, high-five and celebrate. We’re risk-takers, fast learners, and experts in our fields. In all our roles we look at what we can produce and chase our potential and continuously ask…

How can we do it better?

If you believe you have the right combination of passion, proficiency and tenacity to join our Swarm team then perhaps Swarm Digital is the place for you!

To view our employment opportunities, you can browse through our vacancies listed below.