Transact conveniently and efficiently in the digital world.

eCommerce has become an important part of today's digital world providing retailers the opportunity to reach a larger customer base to efficiently and conveniently transact and interact.  Therefore, the correct eCommerce platform is required to fulfil your business needs as well as your customer's expectations.

eCommerce Platforms

Your online store must be able to manage your inventory, process orders and accept payments.  It is essential that the eCommerce platform we choose is secure, reliable, and easy to use.  Each store's requirements are different which is why Swarm prefers to work with two of the most well-known platforms.  

The Swarm Team plan, design, develop, test and deploy your online store. We are also able to assist in improving your existing store, build integrations with external product sources and more.


Open-source e-commerce platform based on the Microsoft .NET framework

nopCommerce provides retailers with the option to build a robust, secure and scalable online store.  It has a wide range of solutions built in and can customised and extended by the Swarm Team for a more bespoke solution tailoring to a business' specific needs. It is ideal for larger retailers who required scalability and reliability as some of the most important requirements for the store.

ASP.NET Core, MySQL/PostgresSQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript


Open-source ecommerce plugin for WordPress.

WooCommerce is designed to manage small to large online stores and is one of the most popular eCommerce solutions.  Retailers are able to sell physical and digital good and it also has a variety of features such as payment gateways, shipping options, inventory management and product variations.  Additionally there are multiple plugins available that will help you extend your store without the need for custom development.

PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Key requirements for a successful online store

Mobile Friendly Website

With the majority of website visitors accessing your site from their mobile devices, it is very important to ensure a user-friendly navigation and checkout experience.

Comprehensive Product Information

The more detail you can provide on a product will help with customers leaving your site to research the product in more detail elsewhere and potentially transacting on a competitor's website instead of yours.

Enhanced Shopping Cart

A simplified checkout process is not only beneficial to the user's experience but will also build trust and convenience on your store. Being upfront with shipping costs, discounts and return policies provides transparence and trust.

Convenient Payment Methods

There are multiple payment gateways available that can give your customers the options to pay via credit card, EFT, online gateways and reward platforms. Get a reputable and trusted payment gateway provider that will handle all these transactions on your behalf.

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