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Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

In its broadest sense, every email you are sending to your potential or current customers could be considered Email Marketing. However, Email Marketing can be defined in broader terms as messages giving interested customers an experience of your brand and its activities while coupled with specific marketing messages and call-to-actions further educating them on your specials, offerings, services and products on a regular basis. This is achieved through an email and this then can be defined as Email Marketing, an additional channel in your marketing mix and forms part of the bigger Marketing Plan for your business. You can also further extend this into adding newsletter subscriptions, notification forms and marketing automation on your website whereby you can entice prospects to sign-up to potential marketing lists. This further enhances your Email Marketing efforts by sending out regular email newsletters.

Why we do Email Marketing?

Email Marketing builds out your marketing efforts by becoming a lead nurturing and lead generating tool for future potential leads. Email marketing can also be used as the main channel for Customer Relationship Management lifecycle programs when the aim is to foster and nurture your customer database in a non-obtrusive manner. The goal is to encourage your users to willingly subscribe to communication from your business in the form of a newsletter through incentives and messages offered exclusively to your Email Marketing lists. Determining these incentives and communicating them correctly can be a tricky task but the benefits of your engaged and interested your Email Marketing lists can produce higher customer sales than any other of your marketing platforms. A consistent Email Marketing Strategy is important but if the contents of the strategy are not relevant, exclusive and exciting with no real incentive then your users will be reluctant to subscribe and interact with your Email Marketing efforts. Ensuring that the delivered content is worth consuming is a critical step towards successful Email Marketing.

How do we do Email Marketing?

Email Marketing delivers real and consistent results. We use email facilities like Mailchimp, Mailwizz and Sharpspring to design and create your HTML marketing emails and to manage your client lists that those marketing or newsletter emails are been sent to. These platforms are feature rich and include functionality like Marketing Automation, Split A/B testing, sign-up forms and analytical reporting. We create HTML based emails with clear calls-to-actions that lead to conversion, and send them out to your email database. HTML emails are also used in order to measure the performance of the mail blast by inserting trackable links, thereby gain useful statistics for your future marketing efforts and ultimately generating more quality leads for your business.

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